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Client Testimonials

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  • Dr. Andrea Messeguer has been our family doctor since 2009. Dr. Andrea is amazingly bright, dedicated, eager and skillful. She is available for emergencies, and even makes house calls. I would not be living here without knowing that Dra. Andrea is close by. In Costa Rica, we learn to expect the unexpected and are often disappointed. Dr. Andrea Messeguer is the wonderful exception, a person who has never let us down. Thank you, Dra. Andrea! You are a good old fashioned personal family doctor, with modern, sophisticated medical skills, a great combination of intelligence, skill, and wisdom.

    Judith Lipton and David Barash,

  • Dr. Andréa has been an angel sent by God for us. Thanks to her my life is almost normal and John is alive

    Shirley and John Critchley,

  • Dr. Andrea has been our family doctor since before our daughter was born six years ago. My wife, daughter, and I have all come to her with everything from fevers to ear infections to a mangled foot from a cut from the fins on my surfboard. She takes care of us day and night whether she is tired or fresh and always does right by us. All of our lives are better because Dr. Andrea is here and is our doctor and good friend. She has my most sincere respect and gratitude. Thank you, Andrea.

    Dave Corredor,

  • Dra. Andrea has been the primary care physician of my wife and I for over four years and are extremely happy with the care that she has provided. I recently had two experiences involving life or death situations. One involved a friend and the other was my own. In both cases Dra. Andrea acted in a manner that was far above what one would expect especially at 2:00 in the morning and with professionalism, knowledge, and speed. After four years I continue to highly recommend her to all my friends. She is a wonderful and caring doctor, person, and friend.

    Denio Mack,

  • About a year ago, Yago- at that time 5 1/2 years old- was watching TV and all of a sudden started yelling and grabbing his ear. We couldn't see anything in there. I called Dr. Andrea who was leaving for San Jose and was already in Huacas. We met her there and she took a little insect out of Yago's ear, right there in the car! Andrea went out of her way to help us and we sincerely appreciate her attention.

    Melina D’Alolio,